Lamp work beads by Isabelle Anderson should I sell my hoard?

I have a stash of bead sets that I have been hoarding like Gollum, I think they date back to 2012-2013 , they are beautiful, but I cant seem to bring myself to use them. Occasionally I open the box and gaze at them in wonder. Isabelle no longer has an online shop from what I can tell, but was a very popular artist. I have 14 sets, still strung as purchased, probably a third of all the lamp work beads I have in my stash.So am not leaving myself without. I feel I should sell them as supplies, so others braver and more creative people than me can share them with the world.
Do you think there would be an interest for them?

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I would think there would be interest - try it with your least liked set and see what happens. I know just how you feel about beads I have certain favorites that I just can’t bear to part with so they remain unused for me to enjoy!

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I think there would be interest and I know how hard it is to part with cherished beads (as a former jewellery seller I am a serial lampie hoarder myself!) - if you are on Facebook I know there are specialist lampwork and beading groups and also destash groups where you might find your target market, although all groups have different rules regarding ‘advertising’. Good luck with finding new homes for your treasures!


Not thought about facebook groups, will check those out, thank you