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Latest Regulations for Sellers

(Ronald Koorm) #1

Just thought I’d mention some important rules and regulations came in and replaced some older rules , and which affect sellers, whether you do it online, from a stall (on premises) or from your shop (on premises).

These are The Consumer Contracts Information Cancellation and Additional Charges Regulations which came into force June 2014 (ie contracts made on or after 13th June 2014)

I mentioned this in a link on another enquiry but the link didn’t seem to work so I will write the link longhand for those that are interested.

There is a simple pdf file prepared by the relevant government department :

It has questions and answers too (see the blue text later on in the pdf document.

All very boring you might think, but you need to be aware that this brought together various regulations and tweaked them. Only good thing is that it affects the Etsy sellers too !

(Peonyandthistle) #2

Thanks for this! Always good to keep up to date with these things!

(Ronald Koorm) #3

Just realised that market stalls are classed as “on-premises” so have corrected my initial statement on the second line. “Off-premises” could be you meeting your client in a hotel, I suppose, to sell them your goods. The question and answer bit in the linked government pdf file is useful.