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so lets be honest. I am not at all computer literate, though try really hard as a meandering along a very steep learning curve. Todays task was to link my shop to Facebook and twitter.
I wasnt looking forward to it at all and anticipated all kinds of issues bu ti is soooooo easy. In less than 15 minutes both were working and i posted my first items. Five minutes later i was getting replies to my tweets. Now if only i knew how Twitter works…thanks Folksy

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Twitter does take some getting used to. It’s so fast paced.

I’ve just followed your Facebook & Twitter pages :blush:


thanks Karen…i’ll try not to bombard you lol

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I have followed you too. I try and try with Twitter and it is good to get items seen. But it is still my least favourite social media site although I am getting used to it. x

I feel your pain when it comes to computer literacy. I’m not a fan of Twitter and recently closed my account but still use FB and Pinterest. Pinterest is your next challenge Steve :slight_smile:
Your reed diffusers look good, are there any that don’t have the synthetic oil base?

Thanks. Just favourited you.
Once its working its amazing how easy it is but I guess the challenge is getting followers. But I’m up for it LOL.

Cross promotion. What if we swap a couple of products and use them as give aways in a promo??

Will try pinterest and Instagram in a couple of weeks. Currently trying to teach myself to blog lol.

yes all the essential oil based diffusers ( six are essential and five are synthetic oils…the listing text says which are which) use a natural distillate for the base. It is a bi product of wheat. With natural bases you don’t quite get the same scent throw as synthetics but you do of course get the natural benefit of the oils themselves. The flip side is that because they don’t throw quite as far ( as they vapourise less easily) they last for longer.,

but hot off the press.

We are about to launch a natural augeo oil in a couple of weeks as a base. Fully natural and you can blend your own diffuser oils at home. You just buy the base and mix is approx. 75% base and 25%5 essential oil. You can also buy the diffuser bottles and reeds. We are very excited. Again scent throw isn’t as good as a synthetic but you don’t get that underlying chemically scent.

For now any of our essential ones would do the trick though. If you want one let me know and i will apply a 10% discount.


ps…what I lack in IT skill I hopefully make up for in patter lol.

Thanks for the info, I will look out for your new range. Haven’t got into Instagram as I still have a very old fashioned phone but good luck with the blog, I tried blogging but it read more like the ramblings of a mad women so I gave it up. I don’t think anyone read it anyway.

I am not sure my blog will be that good based on this mornings activity. I am naming 25 oils for an amazon launch. Young, hip trendy…………tried them on colleagues and the younger ones didn’t even recognise the words. But I will get there.

This afternoons project is writing a mailout to last months new clients to get them to become regulars. Oh the joys of etail.



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