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Can you walk out the door without having your lipstick on?

I don’t wear lipstick but powder and mascara is a must. I once worked with a girl who used to travel in across London without even combing her hair in the morning!

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Of course as I never wear makeup which explains why my skin is so good and people think I’m much younger than I am.

I only ever put water on my face never any thing else unless I wish to go out in the sun then I’ll use some suntan lotion.

I don’t wear make up, I prefer the natural look :smile:

I don’t look that unnatural with my mascara and powder, I just don’t like looking shiny!

Working at home I don’ t wear makeup but out I never ever go without makeup. It makes me feel better and having always been in retail it is just part of being well groomed. I am fanatical over my skin - I exfoliate every day and don’t drink anything except tea and copious amounts of water and don’t smoke or go in the sun!!

I used to often wear a small amount of make up, but since having children, leaving work and now having to drag three kids down to school at 8am… make up kind of doesn’t seem like a priority anymore! Although if we’re going out somewhere nice for a meal I always wear some. But more often then not on a normal day it’s the last thing on my mind. My mascara is now more commonly used by the children for drawing on themselves with (usually just as we’re due to leave the house!)

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I’m with you, Eileen, I haven’t worn make-up for over 20 years and my skin is very clear. Unlike you, though, I don’t even put water on my face - I just never touch it at all (no lotions or potions) - and I have mastered the art of showering without getting my face wet.

I have worn make-up since I was about 13 years old, and no, I rarely leave the house without lipstick! … and foundation, powder, blusher, mascara etc etc…

It is completely part of my look and I feel lost without it. Even though I work from home, I wear it every day.

I do aim for a more natural look than when I was younger, when orange foundation and the Boy George look were de rigueur :o)


I don’t wear a lot of make up, but I would feel odd without it when going to work - I think people would be shocked if I didn’t wear it - blush and concealer are my friends, im insomniac so I need all the help I can get! it’s funny even though people tell me I look tired a lot, when they find out my age they are quite taken aback thinking im much younger, so I guess it’s not all bad :smile:


I would love to wear make up, but just don’t know how to apply it! I am going to a wedding - big family ‘do’ so would love some tips. I am wearing a red dress to the wedding. I don’t ever wear red lipstick, so was thinking of going for a natural shade - what do you think?

Jacqueline x

Jacqueline, I’d say stick to what you are comfortable with as far as makeup is concerned - make your statement with a fabulous piece of jewellery to complement that red dress! Have a great time at the wedding, hugs from me.

Oh, thank you Julie! I shall be making the jewellery soon. My hope is that everyone will be looking at my necklace and not my face. I can but hope.

You are lovely x

aww thank you Jacqueline - I hope we get to see some wedding pics, but if not at least a glimpse of the special jewellery you create for yourself :smile:

Most days I only wear a bit of concealer under the eyes and curl my lashes. I wear mascara if I’m going somewhere nice but not to go to Tesco! I have fair skin and I don’t think my features suit the whole hog of makeup. I do put the tiniest amount of powder foundation on for craft fairs though, but that’s only because I have oily skin and it’s embarrassing having to sort that out in front of customers. :wink:

I used to wear make up every day but then due a change of circumstances in my job, I stopped wearing unless I went out. Now I only wear make up if going “out” - ie, dinner, pub, lunch, party etc. I wouldn’t put it on to go shopping. The one thing I have to have in my bag though is my lipsalve although I was told by someone I met on a plane last year, the more you use the more you need it as your lips stop producing whatever it is that keeps them moist !!!

Theres a new skin chart out on the boots website so if you dont know what colours suit you you can go there and do the online test thing. Its very simple and great fun. I love Boots.I have green eyes so i have to wear brown eye shadow and a kind of dark pink lipstick.

Im not very good at applying it either and so normally just go with lipstick…and lipgloss.

I’m a mascara girl too…alongside eyeshadow.
A definite must!


Thank you, that is a great tip! I too have green eyes - with just a hint of brown round the pupil. Sadly, mascara just gets dragged up and down on the inside of my glasses. I know people like the idea of long eye lashes, but when you wear glasses no one sees them anyway and painting them just makes a mess!