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List an Item on a Specific Date

Hi all

I may not have noticed but, is there a way to automatically set a specific date for listing items rather than doing it manually?

For example if I have 20 things in draft, and I would like to list say, four of them the first Friday of the month, then another four the next Friday etc., until all the items are listed rather than have to remember to go into my listings page and do it manually or have list all the items in one go. So what I am trying to say is that it would be fantastic if I could click my draft item[s] and choose a date from a pop up calendar to list it/them. That would be so cool!

Hmm must admit that sounds a bit complicated and not anything I’ve seen asked for before.

Don’t think there is a way of doing that on Folksy and not sure how many of us would use it so probably not high on the list of priorities for admin. If things are in draft it only takes a minute to list and I check for sales most days so would add things from draft then.

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