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List of Folksy improvments


Does anyone know of a list of things that are in the Folksy development pipeline?
If there is, where can I find it.
If there isn’t maybe it would be a good idea to have one.

This was prompted by wanting to add variations to a listing for a pendant to give the buyer the choice to select the length/type of leather cord. I noticed other people had also asked before.

It would be nice to see what is being developed and where it is in the list.

This may be one for an admin to answer, but I’m not sure how to tag one.

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There is a list of improvements we have suggested here (no guarentee that we will get them)
variations are the most popular request on the list and it was rumoured that we might get simple variations (no ability to have differing prices with the options) but I haven’t heard anything about that for a while - maybe admin will give us an update.

Thanks Sasha, I have had a look and voted on a few of the suggestions.

It’s encouraging that the variations is at the top. Lets just hope they deem it worth including.