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Listing similar items

(Roz) #1

Most of my items are one offs but occasionally I make something more than once and although never identical they will often be basically the same. When re listing I always use the “copy item” option to create a new listing rather than re listing the old item with updated photos. Just wondered if there was any advantage/disadvantage of one method over the other. The only difference I can see is that by creating a new listing you start back at 0 likes - does this matter? Does the number of likes an item have affect its position in search etc?

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Good question! I always assumed that more popular (ie more loved) items would appear higher up in the search list…maybe Sian @sianfolksy can clarify?

(Sonia Adam) #3

Isn’t it god to do it that way and then any external links to that listing are still valid?

(Sasha Garrett) #4

After a quick search based on my cloud pendants I don’t think that the number of likes an item has alters the order of search results. There are 5 clouds in the series, in terms of most likes the order is night, rain, storm, snow and finally eclipse. If I search ‘cloud’ the order in the results is snow, rain, storm, eclipse and finally night. So no correlation there. I think the night version comes last because the title is actually cloudy night sky pendant rather than cloud so the search engine ranks it lower. The advantage of editing an existing listing is that it keeps any external links active as Sonia says.

(Sian ) #5

No, popularity doesn’t have any effect on where items appear in search results.

Results are entirely based on relevance to the search terms that you enter into the search box. The things that are taken into account are the words that you input into (or select for) the listing fields, including:

  • title
  • description
  • facets (colours and materials)
  • section/category/subcategory

(Helen Clifford) #6

There do seem to be some oddities with the search, though. I just searched for ‘comfort’. The first item had that word in the title(but not as the first word) and the second, I can’t see the word anywhere in the title, description, or anywhere, I couldn’t understand that.
Then plenty of baby comfort blankets, which is sensible.

(Sian ) #7

It looks like it’s picking up the word ‘Comfort’ from the ‘Where was this made’ field of the listing in that instance.

(Helen Clifford) #8

Oh yes, I missed that. Seems odd that listings with the word in the Title or Description don’t come before an item with the word in that somewhat obscure field?
Looks like I should be adding lots of keywords into the ‘Where it was made’ field, which to be honest, I’ve never found relevant!