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Lots of hits, now wot?

So over 2000 impressions of my new shop, but no conversions, wot now?

I would suggest you do some ‘outside Folksy’ promotion via social media. The forum is great but … there are 3000+ sellers on Folksy and only some use the forum. In the big wide world out there… well there are millions of potential shoppers… just go and invite them in :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to reply Joy. I’ve found with previous experience that social media puts you into the hands of Mr. Zuckerburgh.!!

A lot of my sales come through Facebook. When I promote something on there I will always get increased views, and some sales. If I don’t promote then it all drops off…I also use Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, but less often than Facebook.
If you don’t tell people where you are then they don’t know about you…simple.

If you are getting lots of impressions it suggests there are 3 possible things going on

  1. that you are being found in searches but either they are the wrong (ie not relevant) searches
  2. there is something about your photography which people find off putting (ie they would rather click on someone else’s image and look at their product)
  3. you have attracted lots of browsers having a look at a new shop but they are not really interested in your product they are just having a nosey out of curiosity.

If you are appearing in non relevant searches you need to refine your tags - you can use 2 or 3 word phrases as a tag rather than single words so ‘butter knife’ rather than just ‘knife’. If its your photos - try running a search and comparing your images to those of similar items - are yours as clear, well lit, beautifully styled as the competition? If its the last one there isn’t much you can do but try and attract people who are interested in your items using social media.


By promote on Facebook, do you do competition’s and giveaways or paid adverts?

No. I have never paid for promotion, or done a competition. I post what I have made on my Facebook page. I am in a few Facebook selling groups too that sell handmade so I share my posts on there. I am also in sewing and embroidery groups, and although I cannot promote my shop on most of them I can show other members what I have made, and have sold items by making sure they can find my shop from my Personal profile.

Each to his own but I find from experience (2897 sales todate) that social media promotion works and if you want to sell on line you would be well advised to use it…
Just saying… xx


Thanks Joy,
It’s good of you to help me, will try and sort a Facebook page.
Thanks again.