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(Teresa Connolly) #1

I have been approached several times now by email saying that they love my work and asking me to sign up to a package for quite a lot of money £150 is the entry cheapest package. Has anyone else been approched?I don’t have that many items in my shop anyway.My tweets have been retweeted too they are very persistent. Would you go for paid for advertising seo etc? Is it worth it? Or stay selling with Folksy etc?

Here is their website

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I haven’t been approached by them or even heard of them but they have under 100 makers/ shops on their site and only 1300 likes on facebook, folksy has 52000 likes on facebook and many more makers. I tried googling one of their makers and she didn’t come top of the search so I have my doubts about how good they are at SEO. I think that there are many better ways of spending your listing/ promotional budget than with them e.g. £45 plus account + 4 weeks standard promotion with british crafters (total spend £40, 20 items promoted) + 1 week twitter promotion with BC (£15) is a total of £100 which would leave £50 in the kitty to cover the folksy and paypal commission from the resultant sales (you would need approx £500 of sales to achieve that value of combined fees). If you are feeling invisible on Folksy try spending £10 for a week of british crafters promotion, I’d avoid ‘make the most of’ I don’t think it would pay off.

(Jo Sara) #3

That sounds like a lot of money considering how many FB and twitter followers they’ve got. Is that who they’re aiming at? They’re hardly advertising to the masses there. You’d be better off spending a couple of quid here and there with @dottiedesigns and her British Crafters Facebook page. They’ve got 8 times the FB following and about 14 times the Twitter following. Seems a better deal to me.

If they’re offering to sort out your SEO for your Folksy shop, I’m not sure that’s the best use of your advertising budget because as far as I know, the SEO on Folksy only works in Folksy searches, not externally. So pretty much pointless unless you’re after a few Folksy browsing customers.

EDIT: ^^ What Sacha said ^^ :smiley:

(Teresa Connolly) #4

Thank you Sasha and JoSara good advice lots of ways to promote advertise without spending a lot of money most of my items come to less than their £150 anyway. I just thought that they might be popular with a big reach seems not! Thanks :smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #5

Thanks @JoSara - We do get a lot of sales via both Fb & Twitter x