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Mammogram recall - just need to offload really

(Tina Martin) #181

Loving the red, hope the chemo went ok x

(Sarah Eves) #182

Thank you, ladies.
I really am grateful to have so much support, and it’s what will get me through this xx

First chemo session yesterday morning, and it went okay.
I lost all bravado when I woke up in the morning, and the canula going in was emotional, but it was over within two hours.

I felt fine, but knew I was treading water until the side effects kicked in, which they did that evening.
Nausea, wooziness…vomiting.
I put off getting up this morning as I dreaded sitting up, but today has been much better so far, and I even managed a post office run :slight_smile:
But this evening bring self injecting with what looks like a very large syringe, and I’m dreading it!

Sarah xx

( Valerie Dockerty) #183

Thinking of you, love the red pirate look

(Dawn Sneesby) #184

Thinking of you

(Thedotterypotter) #185

You are doing amazingly :slight_smile: One chemo session down! Sending you a massive virtual hug.
We are all here cheering you on from the sidelines xxx


Well done Sarah, just catching up with your thread, sending you a massive hug…
I had cancer of the womb and it had gone into the cervix, I had 25 radiotherapy’s plus 24 hrs one inside a chamber but no chemo, it is all such a big journey and you just go on it, the worse bit was telling my hubby on the phone while he was working in Nigeria, 4 days after the hysterecomy that it was cancer, then telling the kids when I got home…but it was 19yrs ago…
Sending love and healing thoughts to you xxx

(Sarah Eves) #187

Famous last words, but five days after chemo, if I ignore the fatigue and hospital taste in my mouth I’m beginning to feel much more normal!

(Justtosay) #188

Great. Welcome back to (near) normality! :slight_smile:

(Julie Lewis) #189

Hello Sarah
Just to say Julie&Adrian are still thinking of you
Has to be the Pirate look, and dont forget the Parrot!
Best Wishes:

(Lucy Ward) #190

Hope you are coping and feeling as well as is possible, Sarah. Sending positive thoughts and best wishes. Lucy x

(Tina Martin) #191

Hope you’re feeling ok :slight_smile: xxx

(MagicalMoments) #192

Hi Sarah, well done you! The first chemo is scary as you don’t know how it’s going to hit you so well done for getting through it. I made a ‘chemo countdown’ where I crossed off each day and could slowly see the end in sight. I began painting again during chemo as it took my mind off things and I am sure your crafting is helping you too. Stay strong, it’s hard, i know but each day is a step closer to the end. Big :hugs: hug. Jackie xx