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Mammogram recall - just need to offload really

(Pauline Hayward) #101

Yes I’ve just realised that after reading the whole thing, sorry I wasn’t on the ball very well. I hope everything goes OK for you and you are clear of this horrible disease soon.

(Carrie ) #102

Glad the healing is going well Sarah. Will be thinking of you on Friday x

(Camilla) #103

We’ve got all our fingers crossed here for good news, Sarah. Sending positive thoughts and lots of support your way.

(Helen Healey) #104

Wishing you all the luck in the world on Friday Sarah. xx

(Susan Bonnar) #105

Sending positive vibes from here too xx

(Roz) #106

Thinking of you and hope all goes well on Friday

(Sarah Eves) #107

Thank you so much for all the support and good wishes, it really does mean a lot xxx

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned about this journey is that it’s so much easier with support, and I’ve had so much amazing support, both here and in the outside world.

I’ve also learned that surgery is really just the start of the journey, rather than the end.
So I’m hoping for no pathology report surprises/shocks and a definite treatment plan and way forward in place.

Sarah xxx

(Sarah Eves) #108

Well,today was results day.

Sometimes you get good news, sometimes you get bad news.
Today was iffy news.
Back in surgery for clear margins on Thursday.
Ironically, margins were clear, but only by half a millimetre on one side.
Surgeons like a full millimetre.
And cancer cells in one lymph node, although two were clear.
One little lymph node with big implications.
Or not, depending on which side of the medical trial fence I fall on Monday.
Feelng slightly numb at the moment.

Sarah xx

(Tina Martin) #109

Sorry to hear Sarah, hopefully you’ll get clearer news on Thursday, not surprised that you’re feeling slightly numb, sending lots of love. xx

(Suzzie Godfrey) #110

Oh boy, that is quite sh_ty. My heart goes out to you Sarah. Big hugs and prayers. Suzzie xx

(Carrie ) #111

Sunday lunchtime hugs x

(Sarah Eves) #112

Thank you, that is so lovely xx

(Susan Bonnar) #113

Oh my gosh - sending a big hug and a bucket of patience - must be so frustrating having to wait for the next appt etc xx

(Dawn Sneesby) #114

I hope you get more positive news on Thursday Sarah. xxx

(Homegrownhats) #115

Oh Sarah, so sorry to hear there’s further surgery thursday xxxx

(Justtosay) #116

I’m so sorry to have completely missed your latest news (I’ve no idea how) and although it looks as though you’ve been getting lots of lovely Folksy support, I just wanted to add my own very best wishes.

(Sarah Eves) #117

Well, here we go again.
Op number two tomorrow, with a 5.30am alarm call.
It doesn’t get easier, but fingers crossed this will be the last surgery I need!
I’ve never really thought much about my lymph nodes, but now they’re being removed I’ve become quite attached to them…

Sarah xx

(Helen Healey) #118

Hope all goes well tomorrow Sarah. xx

(Sarah Eves) #119

Thank you xx When I look back it’s been such a short period of time, yet so much has changed!

(Natalie Franca) #120

Big hugs and much love to you Sarah, I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow xxx