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Mammogram recall - just need to offload really

(Dawn Sneesby) #161

I hope all goes well for you, there seems to be lots of good news

(Julie Lewis) #162

Hello Sarah
pleased it was good news yourll be ok we are thinking of you.
Dont forget if you need a chat you can talk to us anytime
Best Wishes Julie&Adrian

(Sarah Eves) #163

Since that very first mammogram in January so much has changed.
I am now three and a half months and two operations down the line.
And after today’s oncology appointment I now have a start date for chemotherapy.
7th May.
The reality hit me hard this morning.
But at least now that I have a start date I also have an end date to work towards.

Sarah x

(Justtosay) #164

I’m glad you have your mind set firmly on that end date - will be thinking about you and wishing you well!

(Tina Martin) #165

Wishing you all the best Sarah, like you say focus on that end date xxx

(Suzzie Godfrey) #166

Oh Sarah, such a mixed bag of news. Staying positive is key, as you are well aware. This is a cancer we can beat. I knitted a lovely little old lady a cable cardigan whilst I had my treatment, it kept my mind focused on something else and someone else. Be kind to yourself. Love and big hugs Suzzie x

(Thecraftycurioshop) #167

Thinking of you Sarah. Good luck with all your treatment. Keep positive and work towards that end date. xx

( Valerie Dockerty) #168

Thinking of you Sarah x

(Carrie ) #169

Will be thinking of you on the 7th and hoping you have some happy distractions before that date. My friend went through this last year (she had radiotherapy afterwards and is well) and I know everyone’s experience is different but she told me it was so much better than she’d feared. The meds made her surpisingly ‘up’!

(Julie Lewis) #170

Hi Sarah,
Sorry to hear things changed for you, please keep in mind we are thinking of you.
Julie&Adrian send their Best Wishes. xx

(Sarah Eves) #171

Well, yesterday brought my first visit to the chemotherapy unit for pre assessment, and Monday brings the first chemo session.
Strangely I feel quite calm about the chemo, although that may change on Monday morning.
But as I’ve been warned that I’ll lose my hair between days 10 and 20 I’m trying out some chemo headwear.
Red is my current favourite :slight_smile:
I’m veering more towards pirate than wigs, although I might get one for emergencies!

Sarah x

(Deborah Jones) #172

What a lovely smiley picture, the red really suits you.
All the best for the 7th, your positivity will see you through x

(Helen Healey) #173

You look lovely in the red - great choice. Hope all goes well at your first session. You’re having such a lovely positive attitude to all of this, which I’m sure will help you enormously. xx

(Justtosay) #174

Yes, red pirate is the way to go!!
Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend and by Monday evening you’ll be able to tick one session off. xx

(Roz) #175

Beautiful and red is the colour of winners so will do you well :slight_smile: All the best for Monday, stay positive and soon it will all be behind you.

(Sasha Garrett) #176

Given some of the gorgeous african fabric head wraps that are out there I’d go pirate too (you can also recycle the fabric into something else afterwards, not sure what you’d do with a wig).

(Susan Bonnar) #177

Will be thinking of you - you do look very beautiful and amazingly calm! Red is definitely your colour xx

(Sarah Eves) #178

It’s a funny thing, the calmness.
For me, the initial mammogram callback and news about the lymph nodes were by far the scariest parts …followed closely by the endless waiting for numerous results.
But after the lymph nodes removal I realised there really wasn’t much more that could shock me, so the chemo just feels like a huge step fowards towards recovery.

Sarah x

(Justtosay) #179

That’s a fantastic attitude Sarah and I’m sure it will help speed up your recovery.
Will be thinking about you today and hope it all goes really well. xx

(Thecraftycurioshop) #180

Good luck for today. Love the pirate look! You look great. x