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March 2016 Art Thread

A very late start to the art thread this month! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve missed it.

What are you all working on at the moment?

This is my latest - one of them is a commission and the other two are simply because the images of kingfishers were so lovely. Reference photo credit for the birds themselves goes to Peter Skillen.

My plus account expired last month and I’ve been busy with commissions and the miniatures magazine so haven’t renewed it yet. I intend to give my shop a bit of a Spring clean and then start listing again.


Hi Stephanie, loving the kingfishers, the colours a great. I’m just finishing artwork for fairy colouring sheets, so printing next.

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Love the birds.

Love the fairy.

Lovely new work ladies. I love the dainty birds, what nice colours, and the fairy is so cute, very whimsical. :slight_smile:

I was wondering where this thread went, I didn’t want to start a new one in case I trampled on anyone’s toes. Things have been quite positive on this end, although Im always really skint at this time of year. I’ve got two new stockists and one of them is the Mostyn in Llandudno- it’s one of Wales’ fancy galleries. Yay!
Appart from that i’ve been suffering from Artists block, but here’s a welsh lady piece:


Thanks Fredas :slight_smile:

love it! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome news Lowri, I hope it works out well for you in LLandudno. I shall look out for you next time we go out that way.

Please don’t worry about treading on toes, you go right ahead and start the thread if it’s not there :slight_smile:

I’ve just noticed stamp prices are going up at the end of March, time to go out and buy a book or three.

My Kingfishers are finished, I just need to take some more photos (silly me I took these photos before I’d signed them). The commissionee chose the portrait view, which amused me as she asked for a canal background and she chose the only one without water :joy:


I’ve listed the first Kingfisher - time for a cuppa now methinks. Which image is best for the main photo do you think?


Good morning all, I’ve missed the thread too but hardly had time to be on line, busy trying to re-establish over t’other side and applying for new jobs, I finish my old job next week and very pleased to have found a new job, hopefully to start in a few weeks so I can have a bit of a break between jobs and also getting ready for my new workshops which start in a few weeks, it’s been chaotic here lol!. Good luck with the new gallery Lowri.

Hello and welcome Pauline

Waving to Tina :wave:

I like the full size one Stephie, but it will get cropped in the views so may be worth looking at it again in your shop view to see what gets lost.

I have been creative too, just bought a graphics package and been learning how to use that I’m hoping to start designing some posters, it’s a whole new skill as it’s all about shapes and gradient shading so a real change from pen or brush, this is one of them, still a work in progress as it only has 2 colours in the gradient but I’m now working on 6 to get more dimention into the picture so lots of tinkering :slight_smile:
<img src="//" width=“282” height=“400”


I swear I posted regarding the Steph’s main image last night. I agree with the scan shot being the main one.The shot with the water colours is lovely though, but at quick glance it can look like it’s part of the painting, or it did to my tired eyes last night anyway. It’s a pretty photo though, if there’s a way to include it anyway that would be nice.

Your digital piece looks really good Max. I wouldn’t have put you as new to it- it looks great. :smiley: Looking forward to seeing more progress on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good luck with the gallery :slight_smile:

Here’s some work in progress as well:


Lowri your girls are as always looking fab, can’t wait to see what you write on those tea cups.

Sounds like an interesting process Max, that’s something I’ve never tried. What sort of posters will you create? Also, how’s it going on the other side?

I’ve just added the latest pics of my 2016 sketch diary to my fb album, it’s here if you want to take a peek into my life

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Hello all :slight_smile: it’s been a while since I’ve included anything in the art thread, it’s all looking good, love the kingfishers, great jewel colours. Daisy Wings fae always look so pretty and delicate :slight_smile:
I keep saying I should learn to use some computer graphics Max but never get round to it, it will be great to watch your progress.
Lowri, I’ve been to Llandudno a number of times, had some great hols there and all around North Wales. :slight_smile:

I’ve listed a couple of canvases I’ve had for quite a while, just added a bit to them :slight_smile:


Good morning, diary is looking fab Stephie. Great work Lowri, love the idea. Waving to Jan love the trees.

I’m doing okay over there Stephie, I’ve had a few sales so far but what I’m hoping to do is sell some of the posters as instant downloads, I’ve already done a few that I think would work but would like to do some more inspirational type ones, this is going to be one, will also be listing here but as a ready printed version. I think I’m done with this now


That’s lovely! Will you get them professionally printed?

I’ve listed the latest in my Kingfisher series

I think I’ll do some ACEO and maybe even dolls house Kingfishers next. I don’t feel like I’ve finished with them yet :smile:

Jan I’ve just been over to your shop to give your trees some love. I adore your banner, what a fab idea!

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Thanks Stephie, no I’m going to print them myself, going to treat myself to a really good quality professional printer and archive inks :smile: love the kingfishers too

Wow! Let us know which one you choose :slight_smile:

I’ve just hand delivered this peacock to a local buyer. I’m really pleased with how well it has framed up, with the torn edges still showing. I spray glued it to white mountboard and put it in a white mount, and then into a pale oak frame. The customer was delighted :blush: