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Market Research - Help required

Hello and good day everybody

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Paul Johnson and I live in Telford, Shropshire in the UK with my wife who makes CE compliant baby items and toys. I am well aware of the testing processes and the chemical migration certifications that are required for compliance with EU law regarding children’s toys. The product will also be compliant with the REACH Regulations.

I am looking at setting up my own business by selling CE compliant baby teethers that will be designed and manufactured in the UK. I am presently trying to source a manufacturing partner to start the production of the items. Initially I hope to offer a limited colour range maybe six colours due to the requirement that each colour (due to the manufacturing process) will need to be tested in accordance with EN71-3 (Chemical Migration).

The teether will be made out of EVA plastic that is BPA free. I am presently speaking to several UK based injection moulding companies to progress my idea. Hopefully I will be able to offer twelve different designs with four sewn in types, four sewn on types and four ribbon types. The sewn in types are sewn between the two pieces of fabric, while the sewn on teethers fit on the outside of the fabric and a ribbon sewn into the fabric attaches the ribbon teethers. The individual designs are still to be finalised.

As far as I am aware there is no supplier in the UK but I maybe wrong so please feel free to correct me if there are!

If this is an item that you would be interested in could you help me out and answer the following ten questions. I need to compile a market research study.

The questions are below but if you prefer if you click on the link it will take you to the online survey.

Survey Questions

Question 1
What is your first reaction to the product?
• Very positive
• Somewhat positive
• Neutral
• Somewhat negative
• Very negative

Question 2
Which design of teether so you prefer? Sewn on type (fits over the fabric), sewn in type (fits between the fabric) or a ribbon type. (Select up to three answers)
• Sewn in type
• Sewn On type
• Ribbon type
• None of them
• Other (please state)

Question 3
What colours would you buy the product in? Select up to four colours
• Blue
• Pink
• Orange
• Yellow
• Purple
• White
• Cream
• Green
• Red
• Black
• Other (please state)

Question 4
How often, if ever, do you currently use other, similar products?
• Extremely often
• Very often
• Somewhat often
• Not so often
• Never

Question 5
When you think about the product, do you think of it as something that will improve your product range?
• Definitely
• Probably
• Neutral
• Probably not
• Definitely not

Question 6
When you’re considering new products in this area, what are the top things you generally consider? Check as many boxes as you see fit.
• Price
• Brand
• CE compliance and free certificate
• Quality
• Value
• Other (please specify)

Question 7
The teethers will probably retail for between £1-00 and £1-20. Is this a realistic and fair price?
• Yes
• No
• Other (please state)

Question 8
If the product were available today, how likely would you be to buy the product?
• Extremely likely
• Very likely
• Somewhat likely
• Not so likely
• Not at all likely

Question 9
How likely is it that you would recommend our new product to a friend or colleague? Score from 0 (Not at all likely) to 10 (Extremely likely)

Question 10
Have you got any suggestions or ideas that may help in developing the teether or potential shape designs? Once the designs are finalised, but before production can I forward the designs to you for feedback? If so can you leave your email address so I can email the designs to you?

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

Best Regards


Hi Paul - not really able to help you with your market research as its a long time since my girls were young enough to need a teether! Just wanted to say though how refreshing it is to see someone taking the CE regulations seriously - so many toys etc made and sold without any heed for safety or the law. I wish you all the best with your venture :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for replying. Yes I take it seriously and my wife sells CE compliant toys and baby items. I need to outlay a large financial commitment and although there is a market nobody seems willing to help!!! I am trying all platforms although Etsy have removed my message, using Facebook and Twitter so it is reaching thousands but only 20 plus replies of support.

Thank you


I don’t know anyone with babies, but want to wish you success, as you seem very thorough and keen :slightly_smiling:

Have you tried asking on Mumsnet or similar parent forums? Or maybe one of the people who do parenting blogs could help you out by sharing the survey? Mummypages seems quite popular with a good reach.

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Thank you Sara

Yes I am thorough, keen and frustrated at present. I will try Mumsnet etc but its crafters I need as this is my main target market to start with.

Many Thanks


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Plenty of crafters on mumsnet - it’s the only reason I know about it’s existence lol!


I will try although might get my wife to register probably get booted, a Daddy I am yes but a Mummy NO lol



Two of the design types we are looking at

Like most of the others here, it’s a long time since my kids were teething… but I don’t really understand what your product is and how it can be used in sewn products? Why does it need to be attached to fabric at all? Why would you sew it between fabric? - chewing on fabric doesn’t sound nice for sore gums… Maybe there are new products on the market these days and I’m just out of touch!

ETA they look nice though, just not sure what they are!

Hello Helen

Thanks for your comments maybe theses photos will help explain. The teether can fit on a variety of baby items from dribble bibs to tag comforters. My wife has her own craft business and she sells a lot but at present we import them and its expensive. You can even buy baby teethers that are incorporated into a mums and even dads necklaces. Infact the only limitation is your imagination.

Best Regards



Ah I see now, that makes a lot more sense! Thanks!

I can’t help you with this, as I don’t have children, although I can say there is already a chewy bib product on the market that looks very like this.

This one fitted in the photos we had imported from Australia. As far as I am aware SEJ Leather they are not for sale in the UK shops (high street or online) unless you know differently. There is a mass produced version of a teether bib but teethers are not available to buy as an add on to a crafter.

Best Regards


Ah I think I finally understand - you are looking to sell EVA teething widgets that we could then incorporate into our work so that we could then sell teething bibs etc (I originally thought you were looking to sell the finished teething bib product, I may still be getting the wrong end of the stick though, I have no kids so don’t really know about these things). As a jeweller they wouldn’t fit into my product lines so I wouldn’t have any interest in them in any design or colour. A quick look online turned up a 2 pack of teether bibs for under a £5 (from mothercare) so if you are looking at selling the teether widget for £1 each I question whether if a crafter were to make chewy dribble bibs would they be able to charge enough to cover the extra cost.
Good luck with it though.

Yep, I completely misunderstood too…and I wondered why you said earlier that crafters were your target market, as I assumed you were selling the complete item.

It’s not something I’d be interested in buying or making (I don’t have kids and I don’t make items for babies/children) so I wouldn’t be much use to you!

Good luck with your project though :slightly_smiling:

Found a manufacturer so watch this space…