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Mens leather gift -show me what you got

(BaudelaireBazaar) #1

hi people .
im looking for a 3rd wedding anniversary gift for my mr. so im after something leather… anything unusual , quirky but understated.

thank you

(Missy Mac Glass) #2

Check out @sejleather. She has some lovely wallets.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I’ve got nothing but I love the look of leather meisters belts
they’ve also got keyfobs or bracelets that should fit the brief depending on your budget.

(sejleather) #4

Hi Brodie,

This hand-stitched, full-grain, black leather catch-all makes a lovely, affordable gift …

Sam @MissyMacGlass, thank you, you are very kind :smile:


(Jill Unthank) #5


I love making leather cuffs & wraps & have a whole mens section in my shop with several different designs of leather bracelets - below is just an example.

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #6

A pair of leather underpants like the ones Tarzan wears maybe…kinky!
I make tables so cannot supply the above, sorry.