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Message not sending to seller

I am trying to message a seller to confirm personalised details for two items I have ordered, but when I click to send the message, I keep getting a ‘sorry we couldn’t send your message, please try again’.

This has happened to me before and as a seller I do worry about customers giving up and going elsewhere, it’s very frustrating, but I guess I’ll have to do as the message said, and try again later as I have bought and paid for the items now, I can imagine a buyer who was asking a question prior to committing to a purchase, simply not bothering after several attempts. Has anyone else out there ever had this problem? …

Do you their email address or you could try sending them a private message via the forum private messaging system.

I’ve never had that message but I do know at one point I was not getting my folksy messages forwarded to my email address. I emailed admin and they sorted it out.

You might want to email admin and let them know you are having a problem trying to contact the Seller.

I hope you get it sorted.

Thanks so much for the advise.

I just realised that on the Paypal payment, I have her email address, so if the problem persists I will report it to support and email her direct in the meantime.

Thanks again :heart: