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Moonfruit website

(Sally Eira) #1

just wondering if anybody has a website with moonfruit and received the urgent e-mail today - and if so have you changed your settings etc. ?

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #2

I’ve just been talking to somebody else about this. I’m not sure if it’s genuine as I logged onto moonfruit and can see no mention of it.
I’m not changing my settings - happy to wait and see what happens next week.

(Sally Eira) #3

i haven’t done anything in case e-mail is dodgy. haven’t clicked on links either (my domain is with 123-reg and would have to chnage it with them i think)
i went on moonfruit twitter and says it has had problems but last mention about it was yesterday (it dosen’t mention e-mail going out today)

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #4

I’m winding down for Christmas now anyway so am not too worried if my website is invisible in the short term. Interestingly though I didn’t actually get an email from Moonfruit at all. Maybe because I just have the basic free website.

(Sally Eira) #5

i have free package too. i think i’ll just ignore the e-mail for now.

(Sally Eira) #6

moonfruit sites are all down now - can’t access any at the moment.

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #7

oh heckity thump :disappointed: