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More suggestions for our 'Gifts you can personalise' guide please!

I have lots of personalised prints in my shop; eg. birth, anniversary and wedding prints. Also kid’s personalised name prints.

Here is another personalised print and a kid’s birthday card, all of these birthday cards can be personalised with any name and any age.

All our cat - and dog - original hand cut and hand printed lino prints can be personalised with the pet’s name for no extra charge!
They arrive in a mount so all you need is a frame :smile:


I have quite a few personalised pieces of jewellery but this is one of my favourites.

I can customise any of my soap bar labels

Hello - here’s a few suggestions from my new shop:

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I have just made this initial letter door/wall hanging which could be customised/personalised to be any letter of the alphabet.

All items on our shop are personalised:


These can be made with your initials (if you are lucky enough to have initials that match with elements, I’d have to have sulphur (S) and Gallium (Ga)) or you can choose your favourite elements

Or you can put them in the gifts for geeks guide.

For any occasion, pesonalized to order,

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This is a bracelet which is designed to be personalised, and comes with a choice of beads …

My Initial and birthstone necklace :slight_smile:

a new listing from me; some original artworks that can be customised or personalised with the wording of your choice!

I have a personalised initial pendant:

I have Personalized text rings

and personalized family bar bracelet,

This wedding card can be personalised with the couple’s names and the date of the big day.

I have a few of these Filigree Trees ready made but can make them to order in any colour and with a personalised message if required