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Most popular viewed product of the week

(Dawn Marshall) #906

This is the first time I have posted on this post…This cute cat card is the item most viewed

(Christine E.) #907

Back to this one again…

(Annie Storkey) #908

One that is already sold!

(Lucy Reynolds) #909

My most viewed item of the week was a photographic print. I took this photograph on a Cornish beach at sunset and it forms part of a new collection of coastal photography that I’m building for my Folksy shop.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #910

The most loved item in my shop was my lovely cream rose tea cosie, thank you to all who ‘loved’ it,

(Lynn Britton) #911

This was my most popular item last week

(RiaCooper) #912


So far this card

(Patricia Smith) #914

This necklace is the one.

(René Trewern) #915

After being featured on Folt Bolt :slight_smile:

(Caroline Wong) #916

My gold pineapple is shaking things up

(Christine E.) #917

This is mine…

(RiaCooper) #918

(Sue Beacham) #919

This is my mos popular viewed item, This is a Giclee Print on watercolour paper, looks like the original Painting, an excellent professionl Archival print, also a good price £12.95

Enjoy your bank hoilday :sunflower::bride_with_veil:


(BeguiledByTheBead) #920

This was my most viewed item this week.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #921

You must all be ‘taking tea in the garden’ as it was my tea cosies that were loved the most,

(Mandie Bailey) #922

(Lynn Britton) #923

This was my most popular

(Kim Blythe) #924

My panda tote bag is top this week.

(Roxanne Levy) #925

This has been my most popular card of the week