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My biggest fan for this week

(WhiteDaisyJewellery) #322

Thank you so much Bramley Cards. I very much appreciate your kindness and support. I hope you have a very enjoyable day …Lynda x

(Thecraftycurioshop) #323

Thank you to Trish from E Inder Designs for being my biggest fan this week.
Here is one of her lovely items.

(Thimbleville Helen Sinden Creations) #324

Thank you Suzzie! Your creations are lovely, gorgeous colours x

(Lynn Britton) #325

Many thanks Christine @CocoRoseCrafts for being my biggest fan last week.
Here’s just one of the gorgeous goodies in Christine’s shop

(PetraBradleyPrints) #326

@Thecraftycurioshop was my biggest fan this week. With many thanks Pauline.I’ll say it with a pig I think.

(Thecraftycurioshop) #327

My pleasure Petra @PetraBradleyPrints . I love your use of vintage fabrics.
My biggest fan is Trish of E Inder Designs for the second week running!
So here is one from each shop:

(Christine Martin) #328

Hi Lynn, thanks so much for mentioning my shop and also for highlighting one of my bracelets. It was kind of you to take the time to do that.
I’ve never used the Forum before but I love reading all the posts and I’ve learnt a lot from them. Maybe I should reconsider joining in, as all the sellers seem very supportive of each other.
I love the items in your shop - they look beautifully made. The colours of this scarf are fab:-

If that link doesn’t work - apologies!! :blush:
Many thanks
Christine @CocoRoseCrafts

(Lynn Britton) #329

You’re more than welcome Christine, you have a lovely shop full of gorgeous goodies.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #330

My biggest fan is Erica-Jane @Wilderstitch
she makes gorgeous mice…

(Cynthia Brock) #331

My biggest fan this week was Christine Ensell from the Owl and Pussycat. A big thank you to Christine and here is one of her lovely owl and pussycat designs.