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My new mission statement

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

As I am hurtling towards 40 I have all of a sudden got this feeling that I have to hurry up and get on with things. Too much dawdling (better late then never)

I have a new mission, Although I love my crafts, my first love was clothing, so my new mission is to make an item of clothing that somebody buys. Just 1 item, more if possible. It doesnt help that I just looked at the Pinterest boards for Galliano and McQueen, they are quite strong competion.

Whats your mission statement?

(Rachel) #2

As I hurtle towards 50 I now feel I need to get on with my bucket list, and to talk less and listen more. My bucket list consists of jumping out of a plane, driving a HGV, doing something endurance wise such as tough mudder and learning to tat.

(Roz) #3

Oh dear I’ve already hurtled past 40 and 50 …

(Dawn Sneesby) #4

Oh and I have hurtled past 60…

(Brenda Cumming) #5

Me too Dawn…fast heading to 70 !!
So, as I hurtle TOWARDS 70 I will try not to be so sensitive and not so pushed around by people who think they know better than me (grin)…I will also try to paint every day…even if just a doodle. There is an amazing woman in the US…Millie Gift Smith…she is 94 and does a painting every day…(google her),real inspiration.

(Dawn Sneesby) #6

I looked up Millie Gift Smith, she truly is an inspiration and her paintings are wonderful. Right, must get making more jewellery and you more paintings Brenda and we too may reach 94.

(Brenda Cumming) #7

I intend to, even if it is to annoy people…ha ha…let’s hope then that you and I can be inspirations to younger people…!!

(Dawn Sneesby) #8

Hope so Brenda, just a matter of keeping the old brain working with lots of crafting and hobbies.

(Brenda Cumming) #9

keeps us out of trouble…(well almost…ha ha)…I have just been and favourited your shops for you :smile:

(Dawn Sneesby) #10

Thank you Brenda.

(Tina Martin) #11

Well, I’ve hurtled past 50 and I’m struggling to think of my mission statement. Note to self ‘must start thinking’! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Liz Clark) #12

To stop putting myself under pressure :smile:

Honestly it ruins any pleasure when you achieve if you think you’ve not done it better/quick enough/perfectly etc. Life is a learning experience and hopefully a pleasurable one at that!

(Grimm Exhibition) #13

Im the same, I alwasy have a sens eof urgency about things i make, I need to slow down.
I still havnt worked out what clothing Im going to make!

(Marg) #14

I am hurtling towards 65, where did 60 go, it seems like yesterday. I have come to the realisation that I will not get to Peru before I pop my clogs. Anyway I will have smaller challenges, I have never been on the South Coast other than Hastings, so that is where I am thinking of going. I have never been to Southern Ireland, except Dublin, so I am off there in the next few weeks. My new mission statement is to be happy and don’t worry (I feel a song coming on). “Don’t worry be happy”. Marg. x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #15

My children found out how old I am this year, darn Family History Project!, so I have had to own up to firmly turning my back on 50. But decided to walk tall and look the world right in the eye, click my heals and smile, whatever, to use one of their phrases. I think you have to do things that make you smile, simples! x

(Joy Salt) #16

I live and work to the principle
do it, while you can.
Age becomes irrelevant on that basis, (fortunately :slight_smile: )

(Sasha Garrett) #17

I had cancer a few years back (at the tender age of 24) so can thoroughly recommend Joy’s mission statement

you never know when you’ll get thrown a curve ball (good or bad) to alter your plans so best get on with them now.

(Grimm Exhibition) #18

So here is the start of my mission statement, I bought some gorgous goodies . Flamingo and stripey fabric with lining to make A-line skirts. Theres also some fab plain black fabric which flows nicely which I will probably use to make a version of the dress in the very 80’s pattern I got from a charity shop, Il make it long and add some lace round the neck to hopefully give it a more modern look.

I am having heart palpitations about how much I spent today, not that it was too much but alot for me. But Im trying to be calm about it as I should really enjoy my hobby rather than see it as a financial burden.

Plus reading all your comments make me think I shouldnt worry and should just get on with it.

Also I read a car sticker today " Having an adventure before dementia." Love it.

(Sasha Garrett) #19

Can’t wait to see the flamingoes in action.

(Grimm Exhibition) #20

Me too, there were different shades to choose from, blue/orange but I went for the pink.
I think Il start with the stripey skirt though.

Tidying up whilst watching Independance Day. Im trying to find that cutting table (a third of the size it needs to be)that I created for myself a few months back. The occasional glimpse of Jeff Goldblum makes up for the dust and rubbish Im sorting through.