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Nautical gift guide

(Thatenamelguy) #324

(Helen Healey) #325

(Lynn Britton) #326

Little sewing needle case

(H00t Ceramics) #327

(Thatenamelguy) #328

(Sarah Eves) #329

A shoal of Fish.

(Thimbleville Helen Sinden Creations) #330

My last lighthouse, made from a recycled bit of chair leg!

(Qteacup) #331

(Sarah Eves) #332

Keeping coffee hot.

(Zoe Fowler) #333

Narwhal shopping bag

(reladesigns) #334

(Lynn Britton) #335

Seaside bag

(Sarah Eves) #336

A quirky cat bed.

(Sarah Thexton) #337

Just this second listed! My ‘Only Fish in the Sea’ print, personalised with your names:

(Sarah Thexton) #338

Oh, and my ‘Waves in the Sea’ personalised print too - I fancy a trip to the seaside now!

(Mary Parker) #339

I have my little boat greetings card

(Nicolette Nason) #340

Original watercolour seascape painting, moonlit beach.

(LOsborne) #341

I have lots of sea and coastal paintings and illustrations. Here are a couple of examples.

(Jackie Barton) #342

OK, probably a stupid question, but please could someone explain how I can promote my listings on the forums. I have some lovely nautical buttons but am having a brain fog of how to get them on here.



(LOsborne) #343

Hi Jackie,
You need to find your item you want to promote in the folksy shop and copy the click. Go back to the forum thread and click the reply link in the forum thread. Paste in the link and you should see it appear.
You can also write text but make sure any links appear on a new line otherwise you won’t get the picture, only the link.
Then click reply again to send the reply.
Hope that helps.