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New design law improves protection and support for designers

Have you seen this? Intentional infringement of a registered design is now a crime.


High time this happened. I see designs have to be registered so I think I’ll have a good look at the website to learn more. Thanks for posting this!

Hopefully the next step will be that anyone who copies and then just says it was ‘inspired by’ can be treated in the same way…

Thank you for this! Good to Know! Mx

Apparently joining ACID marketplace costs from £180 per year according to their website, and quite a bit more if your annual turnover is over 50K. Registering up to 6 items on their registration database up to 2Mb file size costs £1 plus VAT, I see. Once registered, you can choose to hide them or make them available to others to view.

Have had a run through some of the changes in law and provide this guidance link.

I read about the intentions back in the summer, and David Bailey, the famous photographer, led a campaign to object to part of the changes, as libraries, and universities, etc, can now copy photos and images after a very basic search, and then just use them, even though the copyright holder knows nothing about it, and gets no payment unless they find out and challenge them.

So I think some good things in this law, and some not so good.

The Government wanted to make the access to items easier for libraries, etc, with a ‘simpler’ process to protect libraries and to reimburse the copyright holder, - which means in practice , copyright- holders may well lose out financially.

Copyright protection was always 70 years after the copyright holder’s death, but according to ACID they say that where there has been commercial use of say a pattern or design, it is 25 years. I need to look more into this.