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NEW Favourite an item from the shop above you

I love these winky little pixie boots! They’re super, super cute. :heart_eyes:

I love these sweet little tree decorations…

I’ve been too slow, Coatimundi beat me to it! But anyway here’s my selection… I’ll check up their shop now, hoping no one beats me to it again!

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Love this!

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Love these bees

Loving this little tweed bird;

Spoilt for choice in Tina’s shop, but I went with this stone… perfectly perfect :green_heart:

Oh my goodness, this fox is amazing!

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Such a cute money box!

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This penguin is so adorable!:penguin::penguin::penguin:


I love Scandi/Nordic style so these are just perfect!

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Love this card

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I love owls so I had to chose this lovely owl tote :two_hearts:

Loving the gorgeous colours in the delicate shawl

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Beautiful colours in these mittens :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Love this leaf pendant :fallen_leaf:

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When I was a little girl my grandmother gave me some lily-of-the-valley soap and perfume, and I decided there and then that they were my favourite flowers, so it had to be these lovely flowers from Sharon @TreetopArt.

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This little mouse embroidered baby vest is so sweet!..

Gorgeous dragonfly jewellery box