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NEW Favourite an item from the shop above you

Looooove liquorice alsorts yum :yum:

What a love print this is by Sharon @TreetopArt

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Simple yet effective;


Love love love these!

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Delicate pearl headband - very pretty!

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Love this Key Ring from @heatherandhome

Love this painting, it might have a limited palette but soo much going on. Love it.

My favorite birds…

Hi Sharon I think you were meant to look at something from my shop .

Look at this pretty little ballerina by Tasha @TashaBeSpoke

But the last post when I went on was from HRNicholsonart, which was why i choose something from there shop??? Happy to choose something from you shop as well, is it Oswestry Jewels or Stitches and Stones?

Hi Sharon that’s OK it doesn’t matter

Sorry if I skipped you, not intentional. Have loved your pretty fob watch (at least I hope I have) :woozy_face: and pinned to my Folksy Favourite board on Pinterest. Hope that makes up for it :blush:


Thank you Sharon but it really didn’t matter I was just pointing it out


Robins are such friendly little birds, this one is by Sharon @TreetopArt

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I love the detail in this outfit


Fabulous Card by from @greetingsfromfi

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Love these colours by @HRNicholsonart

Lovely little piglet :heart_eyes:

Gorgeous heart necklace and perfect for Valentine’s Day.