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NEW Favourite an item from the shop above you

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #2025

thank you for the share @FatSquirrelPhotography

(Blackthorpe) #2026

This is lovely, just right for jumpers.

(Rachael H.) #2027

This is a lovely shop. I love this Paisley patterned cushion

(Lily Lily Handmade) #2028

Love this pendant, very pretty

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #2029

This is lovely and so beautifully presented. Pinned, loved and favourited shop.

(Maureen Laurenson) #2030

Beautiful stitch markers. A lovely gift for crafters.

(Emma) #2031

The cutest booties ever!!

(Roxanne Levy) #2032

These are beautiful!

(Lynn Britton) #2033

This is such a lovely card, what lovely little dogs

(Emma) #2034

I love these colours xx

(Helen Healey) #2035

I so love these nautical designs

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #2036

This is such a gorgeous make and design

(MadeintheTemple) #2037

How gorgeous is this.

(Emma) #2038

I love these ~ especially the black x

(Rachael H.) #2039

I love this one, and the colours are perfect.

(Cynthia Brock) #2040

Beautiful necklace from AppleQueen. As an enthusiastic bead weaver/embroiderer I appreciate how much work goes into making this type of jewellery.

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #2041

Beautiful crochet collar, loved and pinned


What a lovely ring

(Tina Martin) #2043

So lovely :slight_smile:

(Lynn Britton) #2044

So delicate and beautiful