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NEW Favourite an item from the shop above you

thank you Crafty Curio, I’ve been studying hard at college now on summer hols and hold up as had my operation last week. I still have 3 more years at college that’s 5 years altogether.

I really love this infinity scarf of yours Lynn!

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I love this glass whale xx


I do like this but then I love Christmas items

Love this bright colourful baby cardigan

I love the mix of fabrics in this bag.

I do so admire the skill in this craft. I tried it once!

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From one knitting pattern designer to another lovely pattern

Handy pincushion in a very nice patchwork design.

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Children will love this!

:two_hearts:love the Liberty fabric for this tote bag

Love the colour of these earrings

lovely bag

Love these

absolutely love this…we feed the birds every day and although the starlings can be a bit vicious, they have beautiful colours

Hi Brenda hope things are going well with you.

Just love this painting it jumped out at me.

I think these are wonderfully elegant.

This is lovely and there is so much work in it.

So many gorgeous things to choose from. I chose this bracelet, such a beautiful colour

These look so realistic and yummy my mouth is watering