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New items added

(Helen Healey) #625

(Su Mwamba) #626

Started to add my postage stamp print letter writing paper:

(Jeanie Hansford) #627

just added these 8 pendants settings…Jewellers???

(Lynn Britton) #628

A new hat from me

(Helen Healey) #629

(Jeanie Hansford) #630

Just listed this pretty lacy scarfie,

(Lynn Britton) #631

Colourful fingerless mitts


My latest ‘Twiddle Muff’-


Festive Dorset button earrings just listed-

(Sarah Eves) #634

A festive cushion.

(Muranomagic) #635

(Lynn Britton) #636

Grey mitts

(Emma) #637

Cute reindeer coasters x

(Lynn Britton) #638

Dragon scale cuff mitts

(Helen Healey) #639

(bluebellwoodturning) #640

Lovely sycamore bowl with beautiful grain figuring and with a sycamore image pyrographed into its centre. It measures 150 mm in diameter and is 50 mm tall and the image is approx 45mm tall, after being sanded smooth it has been finished with beeswax to a high shine.
Pyrography is litererally “fire writing and drawing ”done by my wife, with a solid point pyrography machine, which allows subtle shading.


This yesterday

and this today

(Suzzie Godfrey) #642

Just listed a big blue jonah of a fish jumper

(Jeanie Hansford) #643

Mini booties ready to hang in the home , car, or Christmas tree

(Christine Mc Knight) #644

A new Air Plant terrarium kit from me today.