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New knittycosey

(Knittycosy ) #1

Hello I’m new to knitting i have done some coffee cosey & egg cosey i Don’t know How to put on folksy and how much costs will be to start up

(Emma Higgins - Printmaker) #2

Welcome to Folksy : )

You made it as far as the forums, this is a link to some information about how to buy and sell on Folksy.

I hope it’s useful. Everyone is very friendly here, all the best of luck opening your new Folksy shop, I hope you sell lots.


(Knittycosy ) #3

Hi i Can’t rotate my pictures my shop looks silly

(Helen Smith) #4

You will need to use some sort of photo editing software to rotate your pictures before you upload them. I use Picasa, it’s free and pretty straightforward.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #5

Hello, I hope your shop does well at Folksy!

Just a hint - I think it would be easier, as a customer, to work out what the coffee cosy looks like, if it was shown on a cafetiere, as it is intended to be used. Maybe a photo posed with the cosy on a coffee pot, and a nice mug next to it, on a pretty table-top or tray (with a plain background!)? You want your items to look their best, so it’s worth learning to take and edit nice photos.