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New listing

What do you think of my new listing guys :grin:

It looks nice but you need a bit more information in your description…like size. and whether the yarn is acrylic, cotton or a mix? Is it washable?


Ok thank you

I agree with Kim - it looks nice but you need a lot more info in the description. Internet search robots can’t see the pictures so the advice I was once given was to write the description as if describing it to a blind person eg ‘this hand crotchet cot blanket features a cute grey bunny on a lemon yellow background with a navy border. Crocheted in super soft baby acrylic yarn…’ hopefully you get the idea.

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@SashaGarrett would you like to come and write my descriptions for me??? Pretty please??? :wink:

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If you find yourself in a really dark hole with no inspiration I might help you out… I sometimes think it is easier to write other people’s descriptions (and tags) than your own because you have that bit of distance and you are looking at it with fresh eyes.

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Watch out Sasha @SashaGarrett you might end up with a new job! … possible new business idea?