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No Sales on Folksy

Yes I am quite sure that you are right Helen

You do not need a PayPal account to pay by card. I had Stripe for almost a year then I had to produce photo I’d to prove who I was. Do not own a passport, photo driving licence or government photo Id so gave them up.

I’ve been on Folksy 8-9 years and I thought I’d tried everything with little success. It’s only in the last couple of months that things have really bucked up - I’ve added loads of items (approx 140); I join in the monthly themes whenever I can; I post on the facebook Folksy shop page and join in; I’ve re-photoed everything and NOT followed the rules for a change (my photos are full of flowers and they take over the jewellery!) ; I’ve spent all of August/September/October doing nothing but this, reinventing my site; connected up Instagram so that it links to the Folksy shop as does my facebook page. Something/everything here is actually having an impact, I just don’t know which. I’ve concentrated on actual craft fairs and galleries in the past and online selling was very much secondary until covid when I hadn’t got much option but to get stuck-in. It may not be much in other people’s book but after years in a desert, it’s a really good feeling to have some sales.


That’s so good to hear, especially the fact that it needn’t always be rocket science to get sales, but hard graft in the right areas. It sounds as if you have concentrated on just the right things. Getting sales does seem to lead to more sales! so here’s to many more!


@maumole66 That is odd, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong on the Folksy side of things, your shop is fully active and I can add things to basket (but as @HelenCliffordArt suggests, without knowing exactly what the customer sees when they try to buy, it’s hard to say what’s going wrong).
It shouldn’t be anything to do with the Plus account finishing, as you assumed you are back to pay as you go now.

As you mention they don’t like PayPal, you might be right that it’s something to do with that. Although people can pay by card through PayPal if they don’t have an account, there is a limit to how many times they can do that. If they haven’t got a PayPal account but have bought that way in the past, there’s a chance they might have reached their limit and can’t pay with PayPal anymore without creating an account. As you’ve now added Stripe as a payment option, hopefully if they try again it should go through.

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I’ve been selling on Folksy for just over a year - mainly cards but a few other small cross stitch items too. It’s been a steep learning curve and I’ve recently spent time amending some of my older listing and changing the tags. I’ve looked at my items for sale as if I was a customer and thought about what words I would use to search. It’s been a long process to make the changes, but I’ve had more sales in the last month than in the previous 12 months. I’m now beginning to get returning customers too, which is lovely! There are lots of people selling cards and cross stitch on Folksy, so lots of competition, but I’m now seeing the type of items that people are buying from me so I have started developing a different style. I think the main thing is to learn and not be afraid of trying new things.


I’ve been on here for a year and not a sniff. Share and linked everywhere I can. Keep plodding on and hoping for the best .

Hi Silvana and @HandmadebyKath, how lovely to hear some positive news for a change! It can get quite discouraging trying to sell your creations at times and I have thought about just stopping entirely, but making things/creativity is so vital for me. You have quite inspired me and hopefully others too! Long may your success continue and good luck to all of us.:blush:


I don’t sell much. Last Christmas I sold two items! However, I don’t list regularly and I need to. This year I am planning to buy as many Christmas presents as possible from Folksy and I’ve already started by buying two lovely Christmas tree candles from @ Fantasy Candles and Senses Candle Design

It might be worth tweaking your titles, tags and descriptions.
For example your dancer painting entitled ‘Pure Elegance’ - maybe change it to ‘Original oil painting of a dancer - Pure Elegance’ - give the search engines a chance of matching your item to a search.

Tags - try to think of what you would type into a search if you were looking for this item. You probably wouldn’t type in ‘1 only’ or ‘affordable Oilpainting’ but you might search for ‘original art’, ‘dancer painting’, ‘dancer art’.

Maybe expand your descriptions - what would you want to know before buying - how will the painting be packaged? are you sending it via Royal Mail or a courier?

You have a plus account, so can add extra images. Maybe show one with the painting hung on a wall, so a potential customer can see what it might look like in their home.
Hope that helps. :grinning:


It is the first time sales aren’t flying in for me. The last item I sold was last month despite making new items all the time.Can’t work it out its the first time in years I am not stressed out with all the orders.

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Thank you Alison, all ideas are welcome.


Thanks for the advice Joy, I think I’ll make both Instagram and Facebook business pages. Ill also upgrade to a Plus account and give it another 6 months at least. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for the advice, I’ll upgrade my account and give it another 6 months. I keep on with the social media too. Fingers crossed.

Hi Maureen…I am fine thank you…staying indoors and painting…not much else to do really…
I had to stop and think for a bit, as I used to work with a Maureen Lacey , way back in the 60’s…lol
Keep painting and keep selling
Brenda x

Done some tweaking, see if it helps🎨

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Hello Brenda I just recognised you from the art page in which I very occasionally post ! whereabouts did you work with the other Maureen Lacey ?

No, you are not alone! I have steady sales on Etsy, but nothing on Folksy, in spite of some likes. I am putting Folksy flyers into every parcel to try to advertise Folksy, and I have an Instagram linked to my Folksy shop to show videos of my mobiles in action.
Etsy have gone one better and have short videos on their shops. I think Folksy is just not well enough know to the public. Everyone has heard of Etsy!

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