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Not made in Britain

Please can someone explain to me how to report things. Every day I seem to see something that shouldn’t be on this site and it’s getting rather annoying. This morning there was a new listing for a black leather handbag made in Jaipur.

On the item listing you will see a ‘report this item to folksy’ blue clickable link (its on the right hand side of the listing normally roughly in line with the bottom of the photo, just above the pin it and tweet buttons) click on that, fill in the pop up box that appears (if it states that it is made in India in the listing then put that) and click submit. If you spot something illegal/ offensive (drugs / weapons / pornography) then it is best to email support ( so that it can be responded to quicker (within hours rather than within a couple of days which the report button can take) but they do prefer us to use the report button for non uk based shop or resellers who set up without reading the T&Cs as it does allow them to collate all the reports about the same shop/ item.


Thanks, but what you describe is just not there when I look at items and I
don’t know why.

You have to be signed into your account, then it’s here:
it’s not visible if you are not signed in.


Thanks! I forgot I had to sign in to be able to report things.

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