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Novel ways to make Christmas cards

​I am always looking for new ideas for my personal Christmas cards, and would love you all to share your most unusual Christmas cards here.
For me Linocuts offer the solution nine times out of ten, and family and friends are always thrilled
to receive and collect them.
This year I am going back to an idea I had a few years ago printing a tiny Linocut
on to teabags.
I have a box of washed, dried and pressed teabags just waiting for something a little special
to happen to them.
They do take time to open, clean and tear apart, but after washing ,drying them between tissue, and placing them under the press…I have a little stack of tiny printing paper that is well worth the effort.
The paper is a perfect recipient for the ink, and the colour is gorgeous. So time or another cup of tea…

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Lovely cards Gloria :smile:
Mine are non-traditional in the sense they are for the bah humbugs.


I have non traditional cards too. Just a card you can send to the Scrooges of the world so they know you are thinking of them, whether they want you to or not.

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. One idea I’m not sure if I should use again or not ?

I drew this picture then scanned and printed it onto photo paper. I was quite pleased with the end result!