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Number of Sales?

Point of interest how does folksy calculate number of sales? Lol had an email to say I’ve just had my 10th sale but I can’t make up that number any which way I try lol I’ve not had 10 buyers but I’ve had more than 10 items sold … any ideas? I might be being thick … actually more than likely lol
Jan x
I’ve had 6 buyers, 13 different choices and 18 items sold …the last order was for 10 items would that be the trigger? Lol not complaining at all just curious

It’s for number of items sold, so if your first customer buys 1 thing and the next buys 3, you have 4 sales. You automatically get an email when you hit certain milestones (like 10, 50, 100). As your last order was for 10 items, you will have had 8 sales before that (not enough for the email), and even though this sale took you a lot over, it’s just that specific number that they email you at.

Well done on selling so much to one buyer though!

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Aaah ok! Lol that makes a bit more sense. I had sold 8 items before so these would have triggered the email! Thanks! Like I say I’m not complaining at all lol just a bit bemused - happens a lot these days xx