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Nytemoth Designs Comes to folksy!

(Nytemothdesigns) #1

Hello! We just landed at folksy and want to introduce ourselves

here are our first three listings, We would love it if someone could give us some love and views and Ill be happy to return the favour to anyone who tags me @Nytemothdesigns

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

I have loved and pinned all three. I really like them. Gonna show my mum for.birthday ideas. :slight_smile:
Last comment made me sound 2years old. ops.

(Susannah Ayre) #3

Hi welcome to folksy!!
I’m just wondering why they’re none refundable if they’re just made to order in terms of size? That would put me off purchasing in case the size didn’t fit. But once returned you could resell. Just a thought.

(Nytemothdesigns) #4

because im still working on fine tuning, Im still finding things that i need to tweak as listing here is different to etsy… they are of course fully refundable, thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

(Nytemothdesigns) #5

you know… im not even sure where that policy came from, its not anything I added, Im guessing Folksy has some kind of default setting

(Christine Shephard) #6

If you list something as ‘custom-made’ it defaults to that policy. I see you’ve changed it now anyway, although you’re still stating that you won’t refund postage - you have to refund the original postage costs, but the buyer is responsible for return postage. That’s the law with regard to online selling I’m afraid! :slightly_smiling:

(Andie) #7

Lovely stuff, I love ravens and crows too x

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(Nytemothdesigns) #8

all up to date, now I’ve figured out how to change it properly, the bit about not refunding underwear confused me as i don’t sell underwear lol

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #9

Welcome to folksy

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