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Ode to The Disappearing Customer

Thought my little poem might amuse !

‘You contact me with queries I answer with alacrity
We exchange several emails, maybe 2 or 3
Suddenly you disappear? Alas where did you go?
I wish you would come back again if only to say ‘hello’…’

Ode to the Disappearing Customer

( it happens to all us creatives now and then and it’s no big deal - no , nobody has particularly annoyed me I should add ! )



Love it Dawn :slight_smile: :two_hearts: This has happened to me a few times but the customer usually pops back up after a few months. I sometimes wonder if they’ve had a cashflow crisis or just needed a bit of time to mull it over!


Has happened to me but agree they often come back after the holidays to start thinking about Christmas.

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Classic Dawn x Happened to me a few times as well. Hopefully they will return. Does not annoy me though at least they popped into my shop to visit LOL xxx

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I always think, at least they found me, hopefully somebody else will too!

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Love it Dawn, they lift your hopes then leave you dangling, and finally make your day!! Wonder what catches their eye that distracts them? It makes me more conscious about my buying ways though xx

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Had one the other day - went to the trouble of showing me the picture from my instagram, contacted me on the other 'site that cannot be named ’ . … “love this fabic perfect for my lamp have you any left” . I responded straight away, yes I have one made up in stock, some fabric left and you can buy here etc…

…tumbleweed… lol

( but seriously hope no disaster has befallen him, life is chaos after all )

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Love the poem! And your dog is very cute.