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Oh Dear. Ronnie O'Sullivan's playing. That puts paid to work for a while

Mind you, the speed he wins at, it won’t be a long ‘while’.

There you go. Back to work.

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Wowzers - another snooker fan!! Hello! My little boy and husband both went to The Masters on Sunday. They had an amazing time - my little boy loves Ronnie O’Sullivan!

Hello! Yes, but it looks like there’s only two of us! Lol. I did wonder when I posted, whether anyone else would be interested.

I am very jealous of your little boy and your husband… and your little boy has taste. In snooker if not in role models!

But geniuses are often flawed.

Every time I see him play, I say to myself, ‘I’ve never seen anything like that’ and then it’s the same the next time. Don’t know if you saw him clear up to win this afternoon, but even the commentators were talking about it being the best clearance to win ever.

I can’t play for toffee and am not always sure which ball they’re going to hit next, or where the cue ball’s going, but I do enjoy it. And it’s a way of making myself ‘stop’ for a while.

When he went he saw Allen, Murphy, Bingham and Ding … he absolutely adored it - not the best seats though, you have to book early. Harry’s practicing at the local snooker club as I type!! I saw the last part of that frame this afternoon - genius!

Bless him. Maybe he’ll get really good and you’ll be able to go and watch him from the best seats!

It was genius. He’s usually worth a watch!

Only been once myself, many years ago in Leeds. Saw Doug Mountjoy play someone I can’t remember, but I do remember it was great.

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I love watching Ronnie, who wouldn’t with that pert butt :joy: Seriously, I do love watching snooker and yes I am a Ronnie fan but quite like Selby too. Used to be a Hendry fan back in the day.

I like Mark Selby too and I used to love watching Stephen Hendry play - I really enjoy watching any kind of sport when someone is at the top of their game and he usually was. I fancy Bingham to win tonight but suspect he will lose next round!

I’ve seen Barry Hawkins at the ATM, he lives a few miles up the road from me, I don’t ‘know’ him though.
There’s not much sport I do like watching, snooker is about the only one. I’m happy to watch golf, football, darts with hubs but snooker is really the only one I enjoy.

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Golly I don’t get much done when there’s tennis on and Olympics is a fortnight off in our house! Add to that golf, gymnastics, swimming and winter sports … Not enough time in the day!

Me, at the snooker in York at the start of December :smiley: And we got a great match (considering we just booked it as a session well before time), Robertson v Maguire, it was century after century breaks. I’m one of those odd females that likes watching practically any sport, and I love going to see things live, at least once, when possible too. This was the first time we’ve been to the snooker after saying for ages, we must go and see what that’s like from the other side of the telly. Pretty much as I expected, just the table was backwards, and I couldn’t get a cuppa and some nibbles :wink:

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How exciting - York would be too far for us. We’ll be styling in for a weekend of viewing this afternoon!

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Well, it’s wall to wall snooker from now on today then. Good job I got going this morning and worked in the snow, so that I can convince myself it’s ok to do very little for the rest of the day. Enjoy it everyone!!

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Er, What’s going on? Mr Hawkins doing rather well.

Blimey. He’s only gone and done it. Played out of his skin!

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