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Opposites attract

Do you have any products with colors which are opposites? You can have a look at the color wheel below to find out which colors are opposites, or complementary.

Green and red - opposite yet christmassy so work well together (I think)


I have this orangey and blue bracelet

I have this bracelet that has opposites.

Marmalade by Moonlight fits the bill!

Original limited edition linocut print.
Supplied in a cream mount.


plenty of opposites on this item, it’s a bit loud.

Orange and blue, and pink and green both in my roses bird baths :smile:


Blue and orange in this card showing a detail of my rag rug wall hanging ‘Fire and Water’

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Orange and blue

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Red and green;

Green peridot with peach crystal earrings


Mostly red, but with green accents, like the button and the French knots.

I used to advise on colour and light values, and met with Dulux technical reps some time ago to discuss Light Reflectance Values of their paints and coatings. Bear in mind that some disabled people with a degree of visual-impairment need really good colour and visual contrast, to detect items easily.

If you obtain manufacturers colour swatches, you will sometimes find that there are three sets of numbers on them. The numbers in the middle are LRV’s (Light Reflectance Values).

Take any two shades, even of different colours, (even greys), and subtract the lower number from the higher. eg 75 - 30 = 45

f the value is 30 or more, then the visual and tonal contrast is going to be better for many (but not all) visually-impaired people. This also applies to your pictures of backgrounds and objects. The higher the number difference between the two shades, the better the visual and tonal contrast. 0 is approximately black, and 100 is approx white.

All colour shades including greys, can have a LRV number.

You can then apply this to your crafts, and decorations if you wish, although very small items such as small jewellery, may not be as apparent, but the system should work well with tiles, mosaics, ceramics, soft toys, paintings, decor, furniture, etc.

It can make the difference for someone to see the contrast between objects. This system is sometimes used for school and early years contrast between objects, but is getting a much wider interest from designers.


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Yellow and violet :heart_eyes_cat:


Red & Green

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Yes I do in my art shop.

Pink and green

Red and green…

Jeanie x

Yellow and Purple

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