Folksy Ltd

Order details - could do to show time as well as date

I had occasion this week to need to know the time an order was placed (so I could work out when and where I had posted it).
I was away from home with only my phone (and bo access to the order emails) and realised my order list would show me the address I’d sent it to and when but it only gives date not time.
Please could you add time to the display - coyuld be ever so useful.

I know you record it as it shows against feedback but not in the order details.


Joy, surely your emails have the time and date of the purchase on them?

Yes of course but I don’t always have access to my emails but I do to my orders list.
I was at my daughter’s overnight, with only my phone and no access to my emails on my computer hard drive at home, when I had a message that a parcel hadn’t arrived.
It would have been really useful to have been able to see if the order was placed before or after the the day’s postal collection so when I responded to the urgent message I could have said which day I posted the missing parcel.
This would be a minute change to the software to display the time as well as the date. I was quite surprised it wasn’t there when I went to check.