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Parcel being returned by Royal Mail

(Christine Shephard) #1

I didn’t realise that RM only keep parcels for 18 calendar days now, from the date of the first attempted delivery, before they get returned to sender. I’m sure it used to be longer.

I had a parcel ‘undelivered’ just before Christmas, but no card was left so the customer didn’t realise it was there until I told him about a week later! By that time, he’d gone away for Christmas/New Year so wouldn’t be able to collect it. He tried to arrange a re-delivery when he got back but it was just too late, as the re-delivery has to be within the 18 days and they need 2 days notice! So it’s really only 16 days if you want it re-delivered, and there’s no allowance for bank holidays!

I now have to wait for it to be returned to me, then re-send it - what a farce!

(Joy Salt) #2

I had one of these. Some suction hooks which were late arriving and I then went on holiday for 25 days. Card through door what I got home (popped through the day I left) to say there was a parcel at the depot and they’d keep it for 18 days.
I phoned the automated number but it wouldn’t let me choose any of the options as it was past the 18 days (and it was automated so no hope there !).
Brainwave - I phoned my local sorting office and voila, my parcel was there and they delivered it next day - 4 weeks after first attempt.
But ---- there was absolulely no return address details on or inside the parcel so they had to either keep it or throw it. Fortunately they chose the former.
I have No idea why the hooks were sent signed for - if they’d been sent normally my postie would have left them in the outside loo along with all my other oversized mail !