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I sell pillow boxes in my shop they will be posted flat, and thought about sending instructions on how to bend/fold it into a 3d box.
Then I thought, is this patronising?
What do you think?

not at all! it will be easier to post

When you recieve an order for the boxes could you send an acknowledgement email and in it include a link to a youtube video showing them how to assemble the boxes? That way if they need the instructions they can look at the video, if they don’t need them they can ignore it. If you phrase it along the lines of ‘just in case you’ve never used one of these boxes before here is a link to a useful video clip’ then it shouldn’t seem patronising. (Fairly certain there will already be a suitable video on youtube so you don’t need to make your own)


I don’t think it’s patronising at all.
However, just to avoid any misunderstandings I would definitely mention in your listings that they will be sent flat packed.

I don’t think instructions on how to pop them up into their 3D shape would be patronising at all.
Maybe you could just do an illustration, rather than words - you know like a 3 easy steps sort of guide.

When something is to be assembled by the customer then the seller should always pop a assemble sheet in with the order.

I just made this, any good?


Looks perfect to me, and certainly not patronising.

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Spot on, I’d say. Helpful and not patronising at all.

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