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Payment & Posting

(Gemwaith) #1

Someone has bought something from my shop but it’s still showing as “awaiting payment”.
I’ve checked PayPal and nothing has gone through there yet, so how can it be purchased?

Getting worried now that my poor customer has fallen through the floorboards - but I’m reluctant to post out without payment, especially since it’s to South Carolina USA… and I don’t have a full address anyway.
I’ve always assumed the 3 day posting rule is from the date of payment?

(Sarah Eves) #2

Absolutely don’t post out without payment!!!

So many times a customer will put something in their basket, which will show as bought, then just change their mind about buying.

You could try emailing the customer to see if they still wish to buy, then, if you have heard nothing within 24 hours, you will see an icon next to the phantom sale, asking if you wish to cancel the purchase and relist.
Any commission fees will then be reversed.

Sarah x

(Gemwaith) #3

Thank you Sarah! x

(Joanne Joyce) #4

They don’t just put it in their basket they actually go through the sale motion to buy it but paying is a separate action which some people simply change their minds and don’t do.
It would be best to contact the seller and ask if they still wish to buy but from experience you probably won’t get a reply. I would say wait 24 hours then cancel the sale :slight_smile:

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #5

Joanne has answered correctly! Ebay is just the same - so they can put it in their basket and pay later (V annoying if you are low on that stock but I have a first paid, first posted policy!).