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People don't play fair! Social media rant! Lol

I’m not stamping my feet with temper, just stating the way people act on social media.
Twitter is a good example, I usually follow back out of being polite rather than wanting to follow them because I’m interested, some I am, but today I just checked my figures, and found loads follow then rapidly unfollow, what a carry on, I just can’t be bothered anymore. I have unfollowed hundreds today, and not updating any new ones, what a waste of effort, to build up an audience then loose them.


This is why “like for like” and “follow for follow” do not work. Think on it this way; people who are genuinely interested in what you do will stay, and those that don’t were just the chaff separated from the wheat. They were unlikely to be future customers, so don’t worry too much over losing them. :relieved:


Exactly @BigBirdLittleBird I don’t want these types, just genuine people. As they say, its quality not quantity! :purple_heart:

Yeah I agree! I have experienced this too on FB - There doesn’t seem much point in building up a “fake” customer base…other than looking like you have got lots of followers or likes. I would much rather prefer to have genuine, sound likes and interest!


I know how you feel…I have some really bazaar people following me on Twitter, some make me feel a bit uncomfortable…I don’t immediately follow back unless they seem my type of person… I have unfollowed a few but they are usually people that just flood my feed with spam which means I miss other things I might want to see.

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I have had this on instagram. The silly thing is one person keeps following me.
So I’m just assuming I’m being unfollowed to be followed again. it’s really stupid

I never follow people back on any social network unless I’m genuinely interested in what they post. So if anyone follows me I wil have a quick look to see the kinds of things they write/share and if it interests me I’ll follow back.
There’s a lot of stupid things on Twitter set up where people can register and it will follow a large amount of people- then if they don’t follow back within a few days or a week it will automatically unfollow them and follow others. I really don’t see the point- and don’t understand the desperation to be honest.
Instagram is one every now and then where I get some dodgy ‘follow this for thousands of followers’ or some sort of rubbish like that so I just report the post as spam and then block the person- 99% of the time if you look at the ‘person’ it’s someone with only 1 follower and only following 1 person and they’ve only ever posted 1 photo. So probably not a person at all.

It’s all a bit weird though I think- I just prefer for all these things to build up organically.
Don’t get annoyed!! :blush:


I set up an Instagram page a few weeks back but not done much with it. I’ve followed a few who I recognise from here or who are my true friends but nothing else. Twitter is the same, I also keep getting these weird people following me but unless they are craft related I don’t follow them back.

I really feel for you! The online world in general is a double-edged sword; it gives us the freedom to connect and have a voice, but unfortunately some not so nice things also happen.

In the end, I totally agree with Liz @BigBirdLittleBird in that people who are truly interested in what you do will keep following you and it’s best to be rid of the crazies anyway.

I hope I have some genuine on my Twitter, cause not genuine on FB are already gone and forgot :slight_smile:

Feel free to rant, throw a tantrum, it gets on my nerves too! I get so many randoms liking unrelated stuff or people doing the follow/unfollow dance and I totally don’t understand this buying followers lark because if we all look close enough we can see it doesn’t work. Wow you’ve 10,000 instagram followers yet only 10 people liked your photo and half of them are probably robot accounts!! I think it’s always best to just follow who you like, engage with them and build up a solid customer base/followship slowly. There’s no obligation to follow anyone back. Saying that though I have met and made some fabulous friends on Twitter!


The same with people who post their stats about how many follows/unfollows they’ve have that week. If you want to know how many people followed/unfollowed you then that’s fine but why do you have to let everyone else know as well? To be honest I don;t care who’s followed/unfollowed you!! It makes them look a vain and vacuous if they care so much about it!!


I guess Social media is like most things in life, constantly changing. This thread reminded me to check out who has stopped following me on Twitter and I’ve had a kull on there of those people. One “unfollower” was a Folksy Admin, who it seems doesn’t work at Folksy any more, fair enough.

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I have never been able to warm up to social media much. I spend way more time creating items that people might like, learning new things and trying to be on top of my shops which are open 24/7.
I started a personal FB page a lot later than my friends did. Then I gave in and personal contact (phone calls, texts, emails with news, meetings in person) were reduced.
As for work…I can’t commit much and go back and forth often. Things change often, people forget about you and I can’t tire my hands with looking for pages, extra typing etc. I need them rested for my work. If I like a shop, I bookmark the page or write the shop down. Remember those days we used to write things down by hand? :smile:

That is one reason why I don’t use my Twitter account only for promotion. I follow a very wide range of people, I RT what I like the look of or agree with (and not necessarily reciprocal RTs), and if someone starts posting multiple sales tweets in a large block or nothing else, I unfollow.

While Twitter can be good for promotion, we have to remember that’s not what it was originally designed for. It is a medium to chat to other people, not constantly tell them “Buy from me”.

At least on I.G. you can see who has unfollowed, I had one from Folksy, and thought, it was supposed to be to help promote each other, oh well, anyway, that one soon got the same back haha!

Can you? To me Instagram looks the same as Twitter- as in, you’d have to purposely go through your followers to see who had unfollowed? Though I only use my phone for all these things so it may look different on a computer? I can only see people unfollow on Facebook and even then it’s just through the number count and not the actual person.

To be honest I never go through who’s followed/unfollowed me on anything. There’s nothing I can do about it & it doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I’ll genuinely follow people on whatever platform it may be, but then they may start to post things I really don’t care about or have no interest in, so I will just unfollow them.

The joys of social networks. Sometimes not all that social! Haha

It funny because the only reason I know I keep getting followed is because they start following me again.
It’s silly really.
I’m not too worried it’s just abit strange.

The number of followers a person has is less important than the followers your followers have, and the RTs they give you. If the people unfollowing you never RT anything you post, then they are not worth spending any time on trying to work out why they unfollowed you!

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I had a look the other day at my followers on instagram and looked this morning and my followers have gone down. :confused: