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People talking on facebook page

(Louise Foot) #1

Hi folks,

this thread is quite literal. Whatever does it mean when you log on to your business FB pages to see that x amount of people are “talking about you”. I’m rubbish with FB if you hadn’t guessed already. It makes me giggle when it goes down to “one person is talking about you”…this does trigger a reluctant post, usually about my rabbits :slightly_smiling: Just an idle query really

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(Samantha Stanley) #2

Lol! I think that means somebody mentioned your page. If you like a page and then mention it’s name in an FB post then FB highlights the name in blue and it goes on your stats. It’s a good thing because it means somebody wanted to tell somebody else about your page. So yay!

Love Sam x

(Louise Foot) #3

Aw thanks Sam, I thought it might be something like that although i do get notifications independent to that saying “x mentioned you in a post” - that’s quite rare for me x

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