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Pet presents

Do you buy Xmas cards for your pets? Or just a present, or both?

I have just opened a shop selling my handmade leather cat collars. Each one I make I take great care in my work. (pisceshomecrafts)

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I’ll admit to sending a few cards to friends and including the name of their pet but I’ve never sent a card to just the pet. Bought presents for other people’s pets though.

I buy presents for my cat and she has her own stocking which I hang up for her :smile_cat: I don’t get her a card though :neutral_face:

I don’t buy for mine, but I tend to for my sister as she hasn’t got children but treats her cats as if they are :slight_smile: So I get them a cat stocking or something!

Well, they are part of the family, so why not buy them a present too? Not sure about a card, though…they will not understand the value and meaning of it.

I buy all my pets presents, although Archie (labrador) prefers to play with the wrapping paper. :grin:

I do send pet sympathy cards - but to the owner and I did once send a congratulations on the birth of your son card to a dog who had had pups - it gave us all a giggle.

I have bought both for my dog I’ll admit! My dog sometimes feels like my third child (and sometimes the best behaved one :wink: ).

I always make a card for my dog for every occasion I would a human!! And he gets loads of presents!!!

Cards? No. Presents… we don’t buy something specially, but if we see something they’ll like and it just happens to be near Christmas then they’ll get it as a present. Otherwise we know the cats will always enjoy the boxes and ribbons more and the rats will be happy with some paper. Wrapping makes the best presents!

I gave one of our dogs a Christmas card one year when I was little and hung it up in his bed :joy:

Still buy presents for him at Christmas.

Our little fella gets presents at Christmas - always s new outfit, i.e. a new collar and some dog treats. Always funny to see him opening them. Never sent him a card though.