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Photos for New listings

Iv finally managed to list my first 4 items. I have found the taking of photos really difficult. Can you please take a look at my site and give me a little bit of input telling me where I’m going wrong please. One nice folksy lady pointed me in the direction of snapseed I have just downloaded the app for that . . But any other suggestions would be great.

Are you using a daylight lamp? Atm your images look toned with blue you may need to adjust in the edit programme.

I would also suggest you check you can sell items made from Disney fabric. I would check with admin if your bibs are acceptable. Disney as a lot of copyright images are for personal use only.

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I’ve had a look too, and would agree with Caroline that the images are rather blue toned. Also agree about copyright issues - a quick Google re the Beatrix Potter images came up with this:

All Beatrix Potter’s illustrations and tales are owned by Frederick Warne & Co. and cannot be used without permission from the Frederick Warne Rights Department.

Best of luck with your new shop and hope this is useful to you.

I take photos with my iPhone in natural light and edit them with the free app called PicTapGo. I don’t have any special equipment. I mainly lighten the image, use crispity to sharpen it and shadows to reduce shadows. I find it very easy to use. My first photos when I started were blue and darker like yours.

Do check out the copyright rules as others have suggested.

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I’m the same as you Julie and use my iPhone in natural light, very seldom have to edit. The camera in the 12 is brilliant although my old i camera was good as well.


it was definitely natural light in the conservatory.

Natural light can give colour casts too, it can be good to see if whatever you’re taking photos on has a white balance setting to fix this. If it does, there will often be preset options for sunlight and cloudy (they give slightly different colours) as well as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for if you’re taking photos at night, and a manual option for if you’re not in standard lighting. If your white balance is just on auto rather than being set then the camera/phone tries to guess which is the right setting, but doesn’t always get it right, and that’s when you get colours looking a bit too blue.

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Hi Ya,

Lovely items, again the background particularly is quite blue, I’ve recently changed my background from a light to a dark (I place items on my dining table which is a lovely mahogany) and found that really helped as I think the colours pop a bit more. I also take photos in my conservatory and sometimes find pictures can be slightly over-exposed!

With regards to the copyright mentioned earlier, you do have to be careful but if you check the selvedge of the fabric that should tell you whether it is for personal use only. I found there are quite a few fabrics (not just franchised ones) that say personal use only!

Best of luck,

Cheers Lou

A tip which someone gave me was if you’ve got a well lit bathroom and a white bath/shower tray try taking the photos there. In the bath in particular as the light is bounced off the sides of the bath. You’re items are lovely x

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Thank you.