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Posh Jobs (or The Creeping Gentrification of Work)

On the subject of @IridescentSnail 's last post I’ve composed a little piece of creative writing.

It is the Nineteenth Century and an upper class girl asks her mother “May I marry a…”

Banker “If you must, but please understand you will not be invited to the house if we have guests present, or for dinner parties.”

Company Director “How could you marry into a trade? Your father and I will cut you off completely.”

Lawyer “Is he a barrister? If you insist on marrying a grubby solicitor your father and I will be required to cut you off.”

Doctor "Not a gentleman’s profession. Really quite seedy and unhygienic. You will have the drudgery of managing your husband’s practice because your father and I will have quite cut you off.

Gardener “Marry a servant? Out of the question. If you persist with this infatuation I will see you confined for hysteria.”

Musician }
Actor } Sadly there was no reply as the girl’s mother had just died of a sudden seizure.
Artist }

Enjoy! Sam x


Made me smile, shows how times have changed!

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They have indeed! My great great grandfather was a music hall artiste and although they were loved by their audiences, the stage was considered the lowest profession of all. He married an able seaman’s daughter.

Sam x