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Post a pic of yourselves

OK. So I have just posted a picture of my pets on another thread. Some great cute pictures there. Sometimes we love our animals more than ourselves!!
So how about we share the love for ourselves a little bit!

Lets see some pictures of you!!
They can be of just you, your family, you making, what ever you like, lets put some faces behind the people on here.

I’ll start. This is my favourite picture of my family, taken 4 years ago now, its a bit of a claim to fame as it was one of the pictures taken during a photo shoot for Prima magazine.


Love to see faces of other Folksiers, see if how we imagine what they look like from all our ramblings, natterings and promotions is correct.
However because it is raining, today is a bad hair day!
I will need a little more time to pluck up courage to do a selfie!!!
But Lily and Edward the guinea pig and cat are on the other thread! ( if you are interested!)
Suzzie x


What a lovely family photo and a great idea :two_hearts: Will post a photo later!

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I don’t like pictures of myself so here’s one of me pretending to be someone else - dressed as a Tudor and patting butter!


Annie, where was that photo taken? Kentwell Hall in Long Melford?
Suzzie x

Wow! I’m an avid reader of the tudor period, so please tell me more!

Here’s a pic of me taken last year when I was a featured artist on Folksy. I hate having my photo taken (all I see is hamster cheeks!) and I really hate the wallpaper too, it came with the house and I’m hoping we can redecorate at some point this year.


I would if it was a private forum but it’s not and I’ve got a problem with a stalker that’s been going on for many years. Every couple of years he has another go at trying to re find me. Bothering my old friends from my home town and posting photo’s on facebook he’d taken of me when the stalking first started. Asking if anyone know’s where I am or what I’m doing? Thankfully my friends keep telling him I’ve moved away and they’ve lost contact and they’ve no idea if I’m single, married, divorced or dead.

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Yes, I’m a Kentwellie :slight_smile: I do a Tudor event in August but also a WW1 event where I am a Red Cross Nurse home on leave from France. They’re looking for volunteer re-enactors at the mo.

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Photo of me taken at Cotswold Lavender last summer!


Me with one of my doggies last year. In cognito!


You look Fab Annie @HeavenlyAnarchist i bet it’s great fun getting in fancy dress, i’d love to do that.
Here’s me taken end of last year I was actually taking the hammer off the dog, who obviously thought he could use it better than I :smiley:


That’s awful! @EileensCraftStudio

this is an old pic of us at a wedding we attended… Kirsty is pouting over covering herself in chalk. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that @EileensCraftStudio I understand.

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This is me! Oh to be glam!:slight_smile:


Like a few others I hate having my photo taken - worst part of the wedding day (both of them! !). But, here I am last week on the piste.


This is me in my work room …x

Gerda x


You’re all looking lovely :slightly_smiling:
Here’s me in my studio and a snippet of when I was on TV in Wales, someone kindly took a snap with my Film camera for me:

<img src="//" width=“500” height=“152”


Well, I rarely have my photo taken, quess it’s an age thing, but there was no escaping this one. This is myself & family taken one really great Halloween! (Oh by the way, I’m the witch, just behind the good Doctor ) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: