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Post our Christmas creations here

(Natalie Ofkants) #446

How abut going full on Santa and wearing a heart scarf combo!

Natalie x

(Stephanie Short) #447

More gingerbreads
Here’s my new set listed these yesterday

(Maureen Brazier) #448

Christmas Baubles Cushion

(Debbie Gill) #449

I’ve added this magnetic mini clipboard:

(Fairyland Decor) #450

I have these Snowman Signs - 3 colours available:

(Stephanie Short) #451

Plenty of shapes and tags in my supply shop!


(Grimm Exhibition) #452

Just finished a smaller Santa diorama. If it doesnt sell at the craft fair this weekend I shall list it next week.

(Rosie Wells) #453

I have a few Gift Tags…

(Maureen Brazier) #454

Some festive Christmas Tree Bunting

(Lily Lily Handmade) #455

Christmas bunting craft kit - lots of fun! :smile:

(Steph Short Supplies) #456

Another family card from me today

(Grimm Exhibition) #457

Ive been working on a couple of shadow boxes. A Santa and snow angle. Il be taking them to a craft fair tomorrow, if they dont sell il list them here soon.

(Esterina Kearse) #458

A set of 12 Christmas tags, great price of £5.94

(Steph Short Supplies) #459

Steph x

(Diane Keeble) #460

a wintry bracelet

(Grimm Exhibition) #461

Ive just listed my snow angel diorama

(Fairyland Decor) #462

New Christmas Sign

(C Cartist) #463


Decorations for tiny tree

(Steph Short Supplies) #465


More cards!