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Postage not being applied to invoices

(Jane Gould) #1

Hello, I have sold 2 items but postage was not applied to the PayPal invoices so the customers only paid for the items themselves.

I have just sent them an invoice for postage so have stated i’ll post when I receive postage payment.

Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, how did you overcome it? I did contact Folksy but I’m awaiting their response.

Thanks for any help!

Jane :smiley:

(Shirley Woosey) #2

I think this has happened to people before but I am fairly certain that it is something to do with your Paypal settings.

I’ve never had the problem so I don’t know how you fix it, but I am sure some one will come along with the answer for you soon.

Shirley x

(Jane Gould) #3

Hi Shirley,

Thanks for that, I’ve just been over to PayPal and have found this little check box in the Postage Calculations page, right at the bottom:

"Miscellaneous - Allow transaction-based delivery settings to override profile settings (Optional).

Click here to allow transaction-based postage values to override the profile postage settings listed above (if profile settings are enabled)."

I hope this will be the solution!!

Jane :smiley:

(Jane Gould) #4

I’ve just had the response from Folksy and they have attached a link on what to do, it’s what I did yesterday, so just wanted to share with anyone who has the same problem;